Monday, November 14, 2011

First run since Pinhoti

Ran 4 miles easy today around Wash Park. My legs felt good, in general, but something in the neuro-muscular process felt off. My stride didn't feel as smooth as I would have liked. But I guess being only a week removed from 100 miles I shouldn't complain.

No real soreness or pain. My left big toe still hurts a bit. But running on flat trails doesn't seem to make it worse. Felt good to get out there again.


  1. Congrats on gutting out Pinhoti! What a crazy adventure. I found myself trying to answer the question, would I rather deal with the altitude at Leadville or the gnarly terrain at Pinhoti? Seems almost like a wash.

    I always get shoes with very good toe box protection. I had one pair with none and paid for it big time when I started kicking stuff.

    I ran a 4 miler the week after Leadville and had the same experience. Took a few more days off and was fine slowly getting back into it.

  2. Thanks, Woody. I think it depends on your skill set. Someone who is used to those trails might struggle at Leadville and crush it down there. Whereas I don't think that altitude impacts me much, having lived most of my life here, but I seriously underestimated those trails. It's hard to say, for sure, but I'm already signed up for Pbville next year, so I'll figure it out soon enough!

    I'm planning to go easy every other day for a while, with cross-training on the alternate days. Not really looking to start "training" again until the new year.