Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Progress of sorts

Last week, I was feeling sluggish, and I started to sense PF pain in both feet, so I decided to take a day off and then do a super easy day on Friday. On Saturday, I ran 13 miles, first half in 7:30s, with 7:00s until mile 10, finishing the last 5K with a 6:35, 6:27, 6:19, and then 5:15 pace for the last .1. Hardly a land-speed record, but since it was the first time I had dipped below 7 minutes a mile in 2012, it felt good to get the legs moving. When I signed up for Boston, I had originally hoped to run sub-2:55 (perhaps even sub-2:50) . But that was before I hurt my hamstring. I had given up on any sort of goal, but this run made me wonder if I still might have a chance of pulling that off. I kind of think that I'm stupid to even consider it, seeing as how I'm averaging around 35 miles a week in 2012, but if I can get three good weeks of training in now before the race, I might push it in Boston after all, at least to see if I can better my 2:59 from last fall.

Took Sunday off, too, for good measure. Had a good combo run/uphill treadmill workout yesterday. This morning I ran 11 miles in 1:21, keeping my HR below 150, which is better than I could do at any time last fall. I feel as I'm rounding into shape, despite unimpressive volume. If I can stay healthy, I'm optimistic about Leadville late in the summer. Sure wouldn't mind picking up one of them bigger buckles, and setting at least a 28-minute PR in the distance. I might even do a few non-ultra tune ups before then.

Perhaps Mt. Evans in June. I'd like to think I'd have an outside shot at a top-10 finish. But that's probably getting ahead of myself, considering I have had only a few weeks of marginally healthy running all year.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Comme si comme ca

53 miles, 7500 vertical on the week, just shy of 8.5 hours moving on the feet. PF isn't terrible, but isn't fully healed. Hamstring isn't bad, but occasionally it feels troublesome. I'm mixing it up with the shoes. I've got a pair of clown Hokas and a pair of NB minimus, and a bunch of shoes in between, and I'm alternating between them all, never wearing a pair of shoes more than twice in a week. That seems to be the most effective way to keep the injuries away for now.

My gym has a fancy treadmill that lets you go as high as 30 percent incline. I spent my morning on that and got about 3K vertical in an hour while keeping the HR below 152. Then I went and jogged 3 miles at 8:30 pace as a cool down. Not a bad way to get the blood pumping. Not as fun as actually going up into the foothills, but time constraints with work make this a more sensible alternative for me most days.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Almost a runner again

Last week: 46 miles, with approximately 10K elevation gain. About 7.5 hours running, plus 2 hours cross training on the bike and in the water. I feel decent. This morning, I ran 10 miles, and I wasn't even limping when I finished.

Only issue? I'm sore. Real sore. I ran 9 miles up and around the lesser Green Mountain on Saturday, and holy crap, I really hurt. Not from injuries, but from sores calves, quads, and glutes. I guess it makes sense. While I'm doing plenty of elevation on the mill, I haven't run down a hill in five months. Re-introducing my body to running in the wild is going to take some time.

And for your viewing pleasure, break-dancing sharks and turtles.